My final audio project for COMM 1190 

3 Companies I’d Like to Work For

      Being a Communications major with a focus on media production, my two primary career fields are Film and Television. While I would like to someday become a Director of Cinematography, I would realistically look to begin my career in Television, especially with my close proximity to New  York City. Out of all the many different television networks around the country, I have narrowed the list down to my top three choices.

      My first company is Comedy Central. Being not only one of my favorite television stations, Comedy Central also happens to be the closest on my list. Based out of New York City, Comedy Central began in 1991 after a merger of two different comedy networks owned by Viacom, and Time Warner. The station has gained its popularity in recent years from its very strong roster of powerhouse shows such as The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Tosh.0, and the raunchy classic, South Park. I would first look to gain an internship with network and learn all that I can from them, but their  internship program is currently available to only Juniors and Seniors.

     The second network on my list is the NFL Network. The network was started in 2003 and airs nothing but NFL games and football related programs such as news and discussion based shows. Run entirely by the National Football League, it is based out of Culver City, California. They provide a “Junior Rotational” program for internships, my only problem currently is that an internship would cause me to stay cross country in California.

     My last network is focused on one of my favorite hobbies. G4 TV, while not well known, caters exclusively to video games and consumer technology. Started in 2002, G4 airs programs that range from news broadcasting, discussion and interview based shows, and reviews of recently released products. Owned by NBC Universal, G4 is based out of Los Angeles, California. G4’s current internship program is also offered to all college students and provides college credits, but it is unpaid and does not provide housing for those who live out of state.

     After researching these companies and reviewing the information, I plan to work hard to raise my GPA and then pursue an internship at Comedy Central, or any other nearby major networks, in the summer between my Junior and Senior year.


15 Ways the Panoramic Photo App Can Ruin Any Picture
The panoramic photo app for your smart phone may have majored in surrealism. Or nightmares. You can decide which for yourself.


15 Ways the Panoramic Photo App Can Ruin Any Picture

The panoramic photo app for your smart phone may have majored in surrealism. Or nightmares. You can decide which for yourself.

My Interview with and Intern

Bryan Huth

COMM 1190-03

Intern Interview



            For my Interview, I interviewed my friend Andrew who is a junior here at William Paterson and last semester completed an internship with Sirius XM Radio. While this isn’t the branch of media that I would like to work in, I still gained a lot of confidence and insight into how internships in Communications work. When I asked him about how he each day at Sirius was, he said that it was like working in any normal radio station, but obviously a lot more professional and state of the art. He went on to say that he felt welcome there, as he wasn’t just a no-name intern who got tossed aside and sent on pointless errands. He even received a few nicknames from some of the hosts of the various NFL shows that Sirius airs. When asked about how he got the internship, he mainly said that you need to put yourself out there and chase down any opportunity you can get, not just sit and wait for it to come to you. After speaking with him, I feel better knowing what I need to do to achieve an internship, and knowing that I won’t feel unwanted and asked to do menial tasks.

About me

Hi I’m Bryan. I’m a 19 year old college student from Jackson, NJ. My dream in life is to become a filmmaker because the filmmaking profession allows me to be as creative as I want and turn my dreams into a reality. I started making films in my Sophomore year of high school and I’ve loved it ever since. My greatest achievement in recent years was when I won the award for best news package at the Ocean County Library Film Festival back in 2011. I’ve directed, shot, and edited all of my work, and I’m constantly getting new film ideas every day. During my free time I enjoy playing video games and going bowling. I’ve been a competitive bowler since I was 11 years old and I’m always trying to get better. If you would like to see some of my work, click the link below.